Up-cycled Soft Plastic Program

Bolsa Bags are renewing the way we use our soft plastic waste and creating beautifully designed products for our

Bolsa Bags Upcycled Bags made from LDPE (plastic)

Bolsa Bags Upcycled Bags made from LDPE (plastic)

local community and soon beyond.

Over the past 4 years you may have found them at the local community markets and you’ll soon been able to buy the full range online.

Enriquetta the founder of Bolsa Bags says “why do we dispose of this plastic, after all it really is a waste of a very valuable resource.” And she is right…..when you see what she is creating this is the start of something big & beautiful.

Over the past 6 months Bolsa Bags have been working together with Santos Organics to up-cycle soft plastic waste into use-able community shopping bags.

The Santos Organics team seperate all soft plastic at the store and place these into seperate sacks for either recycling through their forward thinking program with Richmond Waste or for Bolsa Bags to sort and use to make new sturdy and beautiful up-cycled items.

On July 1 this project will be launched in Mullumbimby, providing the Byron Shire with a taste of what we could be doing with this precious resource. Stay tuned for Bolsa Bags crowd funding campaign so we can really make a positive dent on the soft plastic travelling through our community and into landfill.