Really, kids want to experience activities with real-world outcomes right?

Well, Bolsa Bags (the wonderful creators of upcycled plastic bags) and Santos Organics (the local not-for-profit environmental organisation) are here to make that happen.

We come to you and show your students how to convert an old t-shirt into a new shopping bag, and have a whole lot of fun in the process. We also share a few great tips about reducing plastic waste in the community!

And the best thing is, this program is 100% free for their first class at your school! (Byron Shire only). Want your students to experience this program? Well make a booking today!

Thanks to our media partners :

 Plastic Free Byron is currently supported by Santos Organics, Bolsa Bags and Clean Coast Collective in partnership with Mullum S.E.E.D. Our school progam is funded by Santos Organics and delivered by Bolsa Bags.