The team at Santos Organics are cheering at the start of 2017, as all registrations are now complete and Santos Organics is officially a not-for-profit environmental charity.

Here is what Michael Lyon, the General Manager had to say in a recent publication.

“Exciting times at Santos Organics! On December 11, 2016 Santos Organics officially started trading under a new not-for-profit structure. At the last annual general meeting the owners of Santos voted unanimously to become an environmental charity.  Now, any profits we make from trading will be cycled back into environmental initiatives and donations.

We have always been a big contributor to our local community, sponsoring green initiatives and festivals in our efforts to raise awareness about how to live sustainably. Now we want to expand on our efforts and have recently formulated a new strategic plan. Our mission is to empower communities to live in a healthy and sustainable way.  We are keen to see a vibrant local organic industry to help bring the prices of organics down. It is essential that greener, cleaner organic food is more accessible so that we can reduce the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, and the fossil-fuel intensive practices of conventionally-grown food.

By shopping with Santos Organics you are a part of changing the world for the better. We research all our products to ensure that they are fair-trade, free of nasty ingredients and environmentally friendly. Now your dollar will go one step further as any excess profits from trading will be cycled back into environmental initiatives.  We want to make sure we give back more than we take from this beautiful planet and continue Byron Shire’s proud reputation as a leader and change-maker.

We look forward to serving you the highest quality, local and clean organic food in 2017 and beyond. Thanks again for your ongoing support and happy New Year.”

We love this new way of community food retailing and are thankful for Santos Organics support and funding into our programs! Buying cleaning food and supporting your community all in one makes all of us feel wonderful!